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Meta: Blogging Is Hard

I have no doubt about it: Blogging is hard.

I’ve been attempting to blog since the early days of blogging, when your choices were LiveJournal or Xanga and Geocities pages were all the rage. I say attempting because I never really could seem to stick with it. I’d be interested for a few days or weeks, but then I’d fall off as I got busy or just bored. It’s easy to come up with excuses, but at the end of the day I was just not motivated or disciplined enough to make it happen.

It’s with this understanding in mind that I’ve promised myself that I will blog once a day through the end of 2013. The important thing is not to be read, or to be popular, or even to be helpful. The important thing is to do it. No excuses about lots happening at work. No excuses about it being my vacation. No excuses about coming home tired after a long day at a cowboy action shoot. I’m not committing to a certain length or depth of topic, as long as I write something of substance every day without fail. Blogging is hard, but they say that adversity breeds character, and I’ve always held to the philosophy that nothing worth doing is easy. Repetition will become discipline, and all the nights spent pondering what to write will remind me that there is so much more to learn out there.

To anyone who is reading this and considering starting blogging or considering picking up one that you started and quit on before, I’d encourage you to commit to a blogging challenge. In the end you’ll learn more than you could have imagined. I just don’t recommend an every day thing – three times a week for a month is probably plenty. Shoot, ping me on Twitter when you write a new post and I’ll be happy to read it.